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ffed 6 years ago
sooooo boring
Camera angle changes for no re 6 years ago
Camera moving all over the place - completely unneccesary. The porn idiots think they're doing all this clever camera angle shit, but all they're doing is getting in the way. Stay out of the way, don't get in the way - it's about the beautiful curvy girl, it's not about you. Find the good shapely angles and let the camera take it in for a good long while. But you can't, because you're too dumb.
Wtf 8 years ago
Gosh damned fisheye lenses! Son of a bitch. /_-
3 years ago
How old are you?
What’s your back ground?
You’re so HOT!!
3 years ago
You really love it in your ASS!!AWESOME!!
Lucky guy!
Wish it was me
BadBoyBubbie2015/16 6 years ago
damn i/m gonna have to give her a 9 1/2 i want her NOW
kyra what 8 years ago
Last name?
mehmet 8 years ago
annissa, you are bastard.
doesntmatter 9 years ago
I feel sorry for you...already watched too much porn to judge what is boring and ugly and what is not.
...or is it envy?
annissa 9 years ago
boring and ugly asshole